What is the oPik?

So, we do get this question a lot: "What exactly is the oPik?"  The short answer is that the oPik is an optical guitar pickup.

And, in a lot of ways, the oPik is just like a standard humbucker pickup.  The output is analog, so you can use it with your existing magnetic pickups—a 'best of both worlds' setup, if you like.  It is the same size and shape.

An oPik prototype ready for action.

An oPik prototype ready for action.

But... it is also very different.  The oPik reflects light off the strings of the guitar to detect the string motion.  In effect, it is 'seeing' the strings.  That means that it can detect frequencies well outside the range of any magnetic pickup.  It is an 'active' pickup, so you can adjust the string volumes and other settings on the pickup itself.  Oh, and the strings don't need to be metal.

We will be posting a lot more here in the coming weeks as we get ready to get the oPik out into the world!  Please keep the questions coming, and sign up for our email list, if you haven't already.  

Thank you for your interest and support!

The Light4Sound Team