What is the oPik?

The oPik is an optical guitar pickup that is a drop-in replacement for a humbucker.  The oPik has a pure, analog output, so you can drop it in just about any guitar with a humbucker slot.


Is the oPik a digital device?

Nope!  The oPik is a pure analog device that provides a signal much like a standard magnetic pickup—although with more signal strength, so that it is ‘hotter’ and you can drive your amp harder, but who would want to do that?!  It wires into your existing guitar electronics just like a magnetic pickup, and gives you true analog tone.


Is the oPik different than a normal pickup?

Well… it is very similar, so you don’t need to change how you play the guitar, or even change your guitar. The oPik is a drop-in replacement for humbucker pickups.  

The oPik does have higher and lower frequency response than a magnetic pickup. This sounds great on the guitar, and amazing on the bass.  And yes, we have a bass version of the pickup, too.


Does the oPik need power?

Yes, the oPik comes with a power supply box that looks and works very much like a typical guitar effects pedal.  It takes a common 9V power supply, and has an input jack from the guitar and an output jack that goes to your amp or to your other effects pedals.